The Return of Smorgarsburg Brooklyn Flea Market

Plenty of Creativity, Good Food and Fun

It has been a very longggggggg while since I have updated my blog. There were many things going on in my life over the past few months. After moving back to Thailand because of a bad job situation in New York, I had to move back to New York again a month after because of the job offer. You can imagine how hectic my life would be because of that. But now that I have a job, I am so relieved. My dream of working in New York City has finally come true!

Having lived only in the Upper West Side and worked in midtown, my chance of going downtown – let alone Brooklyn – is pretty small. Going to work and ending my day with gym takes up more than 90% of my week so doing something else other than that is actually a small adventure for me. Spring has finally come in New York and it would be such a waste for me to spend a beautiful 60F-Saturday in my apartment.

A friend of mine sent a Facebook invitation this week to go to this flea market in Brooklyn that is normally open year round except winter months. Although it was going to be quite a subway ride (at least 40 minutes from Museum of Natural History), I took the opportunity up anyway for a fun explore into a new neighborhood.


The flea market with the view of Manhattan across the East River

The Brooklyn flea market has three locations (Williamsburg – Sat, Dumbo – Sun, and Philly). The one I went to today is located on the shore of the East River at North 7th Street in Williamsburg – accessible by L train at Bedford Avenue stop. Williamsburg itself is the up and coming neighborhood where a lot of artists and hip people live and hangout. There are many small and cozy shops, cafe’s and restaurants.The rent is actually as high as that in Manhattan – a one bedroom would probably cost more than $2,500, which is kind of crazy. The funny thing is, people are willing to live with three other roommates who share the rent in an extremely small space in order to live in this neighborhood.

ArtThe crowd moving toward the flea market

This flea market yesterday was an all food market, which was kind of disappointing because I thought they would have all the artsy and crafty stuff as well. But the variety of food there got me quite a nice appetite!

The market reminds me of Syracuse food festival that I went last year. Although this one is a lot smaller, the cool factor is off the hook! I must admit I am a marketing victim and the superficial stuff has effect on me ^_^. The restaurants presented yesterday were mostly from the hood. These people managed to turn a very normal menu into something pretty trendy. Examples of such twists include Asian hot dogs, miso chocolate, lemon poppy seed donuts etc.

Here are some of the awesome looking food of the day 🙂

Maple syrup and bacon cupcake

Lady seller

Maple syrup and bacon cupcakes from Kumquat Cupcakery – an interesting sweet and savory dessert. I love the laid back attitude of the people here – makes me realize how stressful it is living in Manhattan.


Schnitzel sandwiches


Schnitz’s stand also got some interesting variations of the schnitzel (

ฤหรฟ ฏนเ

Asia Dog gets very creative with their hot dogs too.


Some nice looking tea.

Charlito Cocina

Charlito’s Cocina dried cured sausages

The Blue Bottle Coffee Company

Cups of coffee on a chilly day from the Blue Bottle Coffee Company


A total guilty pleasure. These DOUGH doughnuts looked pretty amazing. The constant long line of wait confirms that. If it was not for the cardio and yoga that I have been doing, I would have bought a dozen home. I was able to resist the temptation so I did not even have one! 

From the Garden

Marketing basics: Creativity is a critical tool for having the “cool factor”, learning to display products in a creative way will be able to increase the price and boost the image. I love how this vendor conveys that his products are really fresh out of his/her garden – very honest/very straightforward.

The Couple

“We got married two months ago!”, the guy told me. This couple makes the best Japanese salad dressing ever. $5 for 6 Oz – totally worth it for the Sesame salad dressing and the love and joy they shared from the brief conversation I had with them. Make sure to stop by their stall if you get a chance to go there. I totally forgot the name of their brand 😦


An artisanal bread stall. Their cranberry and walnut bread was divine. I will probably go back next week to grab one 🙂

Buttermilk Channel

I always have a thing for chicken and waffles. I completely forgot that I was on a diet when I saw this one. The line was so long but I waited anyway. This totally worth the wait. The chickens were extremely crispy but more on the oily side. The waffle was good and they could have given one more quarter of it for the 10 bucks I paid. 

I love the place and the atmosphere. I would totally go back again and next time will also hang around on Bedford Avenue as well.

Share your love if you’ve been there or want to go! 🙂



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