The Colors of Thailand: Day 1 – Tourists’ Thailand through a Local’s perspective

Glitter and Gold in the City of Angels

It has been quite a long while since I last updated this blog. I was very busy juggling between finding jobs and packing to move back to Thailand. It was a little hard to leave New York City, the city I so dearly love.

However, family, plenty of Thai food and December weather made Thailand very desirable to go back to. I left New York with mixed feelings but I knew that there was hope that I would get to go back there again (And yes, I was right…I found out a couple days after I landed that I finally got an official offer from this one company in New York) YAY! Thailand was then going to be stress-free and a truly vacation time šŸ˜€

A week after I landed, someone from New York came over for a 10 day visit. I had promised him that I would show him Thailand. Now that I have a nice camera on hand, it would be a great opportunity for me to take pictures of different places to show you right here on this blog. I came up with the itinerary of what I wanted to show to a friend when he/she visits Thailand. It turned out to be a good itinerary so feel free to use it as a guideline when you get to travel to Thailand.

I am not a professional tour guide and has returned all the history knowledge back to my high school teacher. So you are not going to see history lessons here šŸ™‚

Day 1: The Royal Grand Palace, The Temple of the Reclining Buddha and the Chao Phraya River short boat ride

The Royal Grand Palace and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha is the number one tourist destination in Bangkok. The temple houses one of Thailand’s most revered buddha statue – The Emerald Buddha. The entrance is free for Thai people while foreigners have to pay 400 baht (which includes the entrance to Vimanmek Mansion – the largest teakwood mansion in the world).


Although I have been here many times, the beauty of this temple never failed to amaze me. This temple is considered to be the center for Thai buddhists.


In Buddhism, Lord Buddha compared types of people Ā based on their level of intelligence to the lotuses according to their life stages. The lotus above the water is used to depict those who are clever and can understand things quickly and easily.


One of the many angel statues surrounding one of the buildings in the temple.


The guarding giant at the gate of the temple. They also have replicas of these giants at the international airport.


The mural on the wall of the temple, telling the story of Ramayana – an ancient Indian folklore. Thai culture is heavily influenced by Indian culture, from which we borrowed and adapted.


The Royal Palace is in the same perimeter as the temple. The former kings of the current dynasty used to live in this palace. Right now, it is a museum for ancient weaponry and machine guns.

The Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Wat Po)Ā is famous for two things: The huge golden reclining buddha and the Thai massage school. It is next to the Royal Grand Palace so you can cover both temples in one day. The entrance to Wat Po is 20 baht for foreigners, very minimal when compared to the fee at the Royal Grand Palace.


There are many statues which illustrated different techniques for traditional Thai massage. At first glance, many people might be confused these poses with Kamasutra poses – imagine how scandalous it would be to have those in a Buddhist temple! People travel from everywhere to learn Thai massage at the school in this temple.

Reclining Buddha

The revered reclining buddha. He is massive!

in the mix

We completed the first day in Bangkok with the Chao Phraya express boat taxi ride Tha Chang (Elephant pier) to Sathorn pier to catch a skytrain (16 baht/person). This picture is a snapshot of when the boat taxi stopped to pick up passengers from one of the piers. Bangkok is rather cosmopolitan! ;D

This is just the beginning of the photo trip. Come back for more soon. I also tend to write a separate series about the food in Thailand, so stay tuned!

Update: My Day 2 Trip is out: Follow me to Bangkok’s world famous Temple of Dawn and Chinatown!




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