Getting Cozy at the Little Owl, NYC

Brunching out at a Greenwich Village Hotspot

It is a tradition for New Yorkers to brunch out on weekends. After exhausting out the options on Upper West Side, we decided to go a little bit further this time for a change and thought West Village would be fun. I have always loved New York’s brownstones and so West Village is the place to be. Although there are many brownstones in the Upper West Side, West Village offers a different kind of atmosphere and I must admit I love it – especially with the fall/winter atmosphere.

The Little Owl is a cute little place on the gorgeous tree-lined Bedford Street. It is a cozy little place that can house about 30 patrons therefore makes the place a little too tight. I have walked passed this place many times but never really had a chance to go there. The first time I saw this place was exactly two years ago. Well, this is the day!

Being a little famous, there was a waiting list of course and we were told to wait for 25 minutes. It was too cold to keep looking somewhere else so we decided to wait. The waitress was very nice and friendly even though it was a busy day for her.

You can see how cramp this place is. When we were there, there were a bunch of people with different demographics. There were some families but mostly friends in the thirties.

The giant steps as a waiting area. Amazing how they can fit everything in such a small space.

The brunch menu. So these are what they serve on weekends from 10.30-2.30 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Yummy house fries with spicy ketchup ($6) Love this dish!

My friend opted for the crunchy chicken cutlet. I did not taste it but there is nothing so special about this I think – at least by the way it looks.

I ordered smoked salmon omelette with fresh cream and baguette. I personally think the omelette is too dry. Nothing is special about this one. I mean, I think I can make this at home and will taste the same. I think the same thing I had at St.James Bar on the Upper West Side my friend had was better as the eggs were moist.

The bill came about $25/person with cappuchino and a cup of grapefruit juice – standard NYC brunch price I’d say.

Final Verdict: I love the place more than I love the food. I am not sure if I will be back here anytime soon – if I do will probably try dinner or something. 

Thanks for reading! Have a yum day!


The Little Owl NYC
90 Bedford Street NYC


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