Mooncake Foods – Soho’s Asian Comfort Food Hidden Gem

Asian Fusion Comfort Food for Less!

Last week I had to run to Soho real quick to pick up some stuff at a store on Broadway. It has been a while since I had Asian food and I actually miss it quite a bit. It is so hard to find authentic Asian ingredients on the Upper West Side. Before I left the house, I looked online for a good Asian cheap eat in Soho (not completely cheap cheap but “bearable” – and yes, it exists!) and came across this place called Mooncake Foods. There are a few branches throughout the city so you can definitely check them out where ever in the city you are located 🙂

Nothing really fancy from the outside but it seems to be a spot for local crowd. The whole thing is run by Asian people (just like any other Asian restaurants in the city 🙂 I shouldn’t even mention that.  I feel a bit right at home :)) They also seem to be big on delivery as well.

The interior reminds me of an old timer diner, only they sell Asian food and Sapporo beer not pancakes and sausages.

Local hipster crowd, I’d say – very casual.

What to eat? So they have traditional Asian selections like dumpling, spring rolls, Asian salad, heros (sandwiches), wontons, noodles and stuff like that. However, what is interesting about them is, they kinda make everything “fusion”. For example, the dish I ordered is Octopus and Spinach noodles in tamarind sauce – very interesting combination I think.

Octopus and Spinach noodles in tamarind sauce ($9). This is a cold entree by the way. It did taste as good as it looks. They actually use spring mix and arugula for the salad portion, very pleasant to be cheap Asian fusion comfort food. The tamarind sauce reminds me of Nam Neung (Vietnamese pork sausage wrapped in rice paper) sauce. The octopus was fresh and came in really good portion. I must  admit I was very, very happy with the dish.

I love the place, wouldn’t mind going back there again at all! Very good value for money by the New York standard. This one is to keep!



Mooncake Foods

28 Watts St, New York, NY 10013 (Thompson St and 6th Ave)
Hours:11am – 11pm
Delivery Hours:11am – 10:30pm

So..what do you think? :)

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