One Savory and Sweet Day at Sugar and Plumm, NYC

I believe New York is a dream destination and a living place that has inspired many people. I am lucky enough to be able to travel here often over the past two years. I had an opportunity to visit many neighborhoods and have fallen in love with a few places I have seen, upper west side is one of them.

Upper West Side is a great area where younger people and families live. The neighborhood is sandwiched by two big parks, Central Park and Riverside Park, which is next to the Hudson River. There are many nice looking restaurants in the area and it is gaining its place as an NYC foodie hot spot. Today, I am going to introduce you to a cute family-friendly restaurant/shop called Sugar and Plumm, an up and coming venue that has just opened its door in the neighborhood a few months ago.

Sugar and Plumm store front facing Amsterdam Avenue

Family friendly atmosphere. Expect to hear a lot of screaming and crying here. Bringing a date for a romantic meal? Think again! The restaurant/shop is rather big with a completely separate dining area and shop area. 

The waitresses here are very friendly and definitely know how to handle little customers. They were very attentive and very professional. Unlike the name suggests, Sugar and Plumm also offers a savory menu. As I did not have to eat anything that morning, I decided to go big and order pulled pork waffle

Pulled pork waffles ($15), I love the idea of mixing savory and sweet food together. I think they did really well with the waffles and the pork. The pork is everything that BBQ pork should be. However I think the BBQ sauce is a tad too sweet. Had to drink water along to tone down sweetness in my throat. First few bites were good but those last bites were really hard to swallow. 

One interesting thing about this place I came to find out later is the fact that the pastry chef here is Thai. His name is Pichet Ong, who appears to be quite a successful chef here in New York City. Go Pichet! He is also a chef at a Thai restaurant called Qi Bangkok. Way to go Pichet!

Sugar and Plumm dessert and pastry bar.

It was my first time having macarons ( I know, I am such a laggard when it comes to catching up with the macaron trend). The macarons here are not cheap ($2.25 apiece!) but I am glad I did taste macarons for the first time here. They were sooooo goood. I highly recommend rose and pistachio flavors. 

The shop portion of the store also carries other types of sweets and toys. It is really a heaven for children.

There is a seating area where moms can socialize.

So here they call gummy bears yummy bears 🙂

So my verdict is, this is a great place for sweets/desserts. It is not really a great place for a romantic date unless your idea of a romantic date is to have children screaming all around you 🙂 I am definitely more impressed with the sweet stuff than the savory stuff.



Sugar and Plumm
377 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, New York 10024


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