Brunching Out on a Sunday Afternoon at Upper West Side’s Cafe Piccolo

A few weeks ago, I went to this cute cafe on Amsterdam Avenue called Piccolo Cafe for a brunch. It is a cute cafe with the brand being imported from Italy. It has many branches in Manhattan and has been a favorite of locals and tourists alike.

I was there at about 2 pm. It was rather busy but nothing really crazy. There were only two waiters, one of which was quite busy while the other was not really proactive in helping me out. I had to wait for almost 15 minutes just to order. I was not really happy with the service.

Piccolo Cafe, Upper West Side

The interior of Piccolo Cafe, Upper West Side. I love this New York style interior (small white/black mosaic tile with white subway wall tile and rustic wooden decor).

Espresso bar. There is also a tiny to-go window that you can buy drinks from outside.

Signature poached eggs with lobster croissant, avocado on the side ($14). The croissant was very buttery and the lobster cream was heavenly!!!! I would say it’s an 9/10 with one missing point in the portion being too much (I know, but I just couldn’t stop myself!)

There is nothing very exciting about the place. The food was good although I think it’s a bit overpriced. The service, like I said, was far from decent but I don’t mind going back there to grab a bite once in a while but nothing like once a month. I would prefer Jacob’s Pickles actually even though you cannot really compare the type of food they serve. I just feel like I had a better time out there.

Piccolo Cafe
313 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, New York


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