A Review on a Quick Meal at NYC Upper West Side’s Jacob’s Pickles

Ready to be Biscuit-ed Up?!? 

So this is the final blog post on my culinary journey in NYC – looking back at it makes me wonder how was I able to fit that much amount of food in my stomach. This place I am going to write about is actually the place I like a lot on the Upper West Side. Being a not-such-a-big-pickle-fan, the name kind of turned me off a little bit. However, I learnt later that they serve killer biscuits and I was like…I NEED TO GO THERE.

Jacob’s Pickles between 84th and 85th street on Amsterdam Avenue.

Jacob’s Pickles Interiors. Rustic and yet modern.

The bar seats. You can actually order beer to go as well.

Southern BLT Sandwiches. It looks gigantic right? There is no way I could finish this whole thing by myself. That tub of fries and those bacons are heavenlyyyyyyyyyy. However, to be honest, I think the sandwiches is rather bland. The chicken schnitzel is too lightly marinaded (If they ever did marinade it).

French fries up close. The sandwiches are normally served with cheese grit but I asked that it be replaced with french fries.

Although the food is not the best I have had in my life, it makes a decent choice when I am very hungry. I love the atmosphere and the local crowd. If I were to give them suggestions, one of them would be to actually make their own ketchup (the best ketchup I have is at Pascale, the restaurant in Fayetteville we went to in June on Stephen’s birthday) and to marinade the chicken a little bit more thoroughly. The biscuits, though, are already good!! The meal went very well with my Saranac tab root beer ($5/mug) – the most awesome combination. I already dream about their biscuits! 😀

Jacob’s Pickles
509 Amsterdam Avenue, NYC



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