Awesome fresh seafood at Kanoyama NYC

Good Variety, Fresh, and Reasonably Priced – A Japanese Place to be near St. Marks, East Village

This little gem is located on New York’s Second Ave. and Eleventh Street. I was looking up for a good sushi place on the internet and this one came up in many blog posts on best sushi places in NYC. It turned out to be a very great choice as the food was delicious (very fresh ingredient) and very pleasant to the eye.

We made a reservation to go in at about 7.30 pm on a Sunday night. It was rather vacant in the beginning but people started to pour in at around 8 pm and all of a sudden, the restaurant was packed!

Apparently, they are very famous with their seafood, especially oysters. I overheard the table next to us saying that they are awesome and very reasonably priced. On the menu, there are many types of fresh oyster to choose from. Looks like a lot of fun if you are a big fan of oysters.

The store front on Second Avenue and Eleventh Street.

The sushi bar where three chefs were making sushis and sashimis.

Fresh raw fish.

I ordered the chef’s special, a 10 piece sushi platter with a california roll, had the option to get a salad or the miso soup, I opted for the salad and this is what I got. The salad was ok, the sesame dressing was quite good though.

New Zealand King Salmon sushi ($7 apiece). The creaminess is perfect but it is a little too bland, could be a bit sweeter. 

My chef’s special platter. The freshness is amazing. The salmon and the tuna are veryyyyyyyyy delicious. The shrimp is very crisp and sweet. I love every piece on this plate. This menu is $29. 

Salmon and ebi roe maki that comes in the platter.

California roll. I love this, you can actually taste a lot of avocado – unlike many places that are normally stingy on using good avocados.

Salmon Teriyaki ($21). Gorgeous presentation, which definitely hikes up the price :).

Salmon teriyaki up close. The sauteed soy sauce was delicious…well done. 

The bill came at $92 (including the two salmon and a king crab sushi). I think it is a very good value for money for the NYC standard.  The staff was very attentive and helpful. With this price range, out of a 10, I would give this restaurant a 8.5 for the overall experience. I left the restaurant very full and happy <3. I would love to go back there again.

Kanoyama Restaurant and Sushi Bar
Second Avenue, NYC

Tues-Sat 5.30 pm -12 am
Sun-Mon 5 pm – 11 pm


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