The Famous New York City Cupcake House – Magnolia Bakery

Exploring Out the Cupcake Hype at one of the most sought after cupcake houses in town

I have been hearing so much about Magnolia Bakery in NYC that I feel like I have to try once I am in the city. I actually came across it by chance on my way to the Museum of Modern Art. I know it is a very touristy thing to do but I feel like I have to try the cupcake from there once. This is actually the second cupcake place I have been to in the city. the first one I visited is Georgetown Cupcakes in SOHO.

There were not too many people when I got there. The place does not only have cupcakes, they also have all kinds of sweet stuff like cookies, brownies, and cakes.

The general atmosphere of the store on 6th (Avenue of Americas, Rockefeller Center)

Chocolate Chunk Blondie

The world famous red velvet cupcakes

Some other types of cupcakes.

Coconut Cupcakes. 

I opted for a coconut cupcake as I did not want anything too sweet. Normally I am a fan of red velvet but I know red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting is going to be very very sweet. 

Boxing cupcakes

Although the coconut cupcake from Georgetown Cupcakes tastes more or less the same as the ones from Magnolia, I think I like Georgetown cupcakes more based on other aspects like Georgetown having more variety and the overall atmosphere is generally cuter (staff wearing only the store’s color, more open atmosphere and more organized etc.). The price of cupcakes are pretty much the same though ($3-4 apiece). Next time I am in town to get cupcakes, I will head for Georgetown for sure.

Magnolia Bakery

Four NYC location: 
– Rockefeller Center
– Bleeker Street
– Grand Central Station
– Columbus Avenue
– Bloomingdale’s

Online ordering is also available.


So..what do you think? :)

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