Amorino NYC – Mini Review

Gourmet Italian Gelateria –  An NYC gelateria gem

This is probably my sixth or seventh time visiting New York City and everytime I am here, I experience something new. During my previous trips, I spent time mostly in the midtown area where most of the tourists are (You know, for Time Square, Empire State, Rockefeller Building and a part of Central park). I love midtown a lot but the part I love most about New York City is the Villages (both East and West).

I get to a couple of friends from grad school this trip, we went out a lot so it has been a great culinary trip for me. A friend of mine, John, a foodie who was born and raised in Brooklyn showed me around places to eat in the village area. Tonight we went out to have an awesome wide boar burger at Bareburger, an up and coming organic burger chain here in the city. I must say the burger was one of the best I have had so far.

After eating so much I almost rolled on my tummy, John brought us to a cute gelateria near Union Square called  Amorino – a Gelateria from Europe with the only branch in the US here in West Village.

In front of Amorino – a Gelateria that John insisted me on having something after the heavy meal at Bareburger. 

There were many people in the store, even after 9.30 pm. They have both sorbet and cream-type gelato. You can choose to have the cone, the cup, or even on waffles. The cool thing is you can have as many flavors as you like even though you order the smallest cup (what they call a Piccolina – $5.25)

I actually opted for only three flavors, the classic chocolate, pistachios, and vanilla. The pistachios turn out to be a savory one, which is a surprise. Of all three, I love chocolate the most – given I am normally a chocolate fan. The tastes are quite sophisticated, not something you can take as lightly as the taste of roadside soft-serve! 🙂

Toppings that you can buy separately.

Overall, the gelato here is really good – the texture is very delicate and the tastes are sophisticated, I don’t mind coming back here again to try some other flavors.  However, my other friend, Tate who was there with us did not seem to like it as much (savory vanilla!).

I also love the vibe and the general atmosphere of the shop but I think about 30% of the price we pay here goes to the ambience with the rest of the price goes to the taste. I mean, that’s a fair percentage in my opinion as I always believe that the atmosphere enhances the overall eating/dining experience.

Although a little pricey, I strongly recommend this gelateria to those who love Italian gelato. Give it a shot when you visit New York City, it’s truly a hidden gem of the city.

Amorino NYC (
60 University Place New York


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