The Great New York State Fair 2012

Here, there, and Everywhere

After six trips to America, I finally got to visit a state fair. I was very excited knowing that I would be able to go to one, especially the one in the State of New York. This year the Great State Fair of New York takes place from August 23-September 3, with a LOT of activities going on in different halls. The first NY State fair was organized in1841 each year in different cities, and moved to Syracuse permanently in 1890 due to its strategic location. Syracuse was the center of farming interests in New York as well as the central point on the Erie Canal and a way-station on the developing railroad lines from Albany, on the Hudson River in the east, to Buffalo, the State’s western outpost (

I am lucky that I do not have to drive that far for the fair, just about 15 minutes from where I live :). I left the house at about 12.30 and arrived at the fairground about 12.45 pm, the sun was strong. I knew it was going to be a hot, hot day. 

The fairground parking can serve about 25,000 cars, when I got there I was already up at the upper lot (Orange lot). It was definitely a lot of people. Each car costs $5 to park which is an addition to a fair admission fee of $10. The fair provides a shuttle bus between the parking lot and the main entrance.

My goal is to describe about the fair at a close-range perspective so I tried to use my Tamron 60mm as much as I can. I actually gave in and use my 18-105 lens toward the end of the day, it is much more practical at an event such as this. I know, shame on me. However, I really think that my 60mm gives a more intimate and involved feeling at an event when compared to my 18-105. 

New York Plants and Animals

There is a rose growing competition at the Horticulture Building. This is one of the roses in the competition.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I think it would be an interesting to be a rose judge. 

This adorable little girl was trying to show her parents the queen bee she found at the New York State Honey Producer Association table. On a side note, I love that New York Honey t-shirt ❤ :).

One of the honey producers talking to someone he knows about bees.

New York State cheddar cheese.

Farmers prepping their cows in the livestock hall.

Livestock competition ground.

A great supporter of moo-products :).

Keep calm and be pretty. The hawk creek has beautiful hawks, eagles, and owls on display.

 Not cooperating. Visitors can take a picture with the animal for 5 bucks. Apparently this owl seems to pay more attention to me than to the boy.

A Japanese turtle at the marine animals of New York Aquarium exhibit. I used to have a few just like these.

The cute ducklings in the cage in the poultry hall. I should seriously think about being a vegetarian :(.

New York Arts and Home

Moving on to the next section, the Arts and Home, there is an exhibition on circus model making. The models display the circuses of the 1920’s. It is crazy what they have going on in there. I don’t want to imagine how much time they spent on the models and set up everything. There are also 20’s circus posters displaying in the hall. 

It’s all about the details. The model maker is painting the skin color on the small model men.

Circus trailer. This whole circus model reminds me of that movie called Water for Elephant.

Wegmans Demonstration Kitchen presented a Wilton method instructor showing how to decorate a cake with royal icing, gum paste, and fondant.

Caricature artist. There are so many things going on at the state fair, everything is making money. 

Wool spinning at the wool center, they show the whole process from after obtaining wool from shearing to making a sweater out of it. Pretty amazing.

New York Bazaar

The little boy watching cartoon on TV. Started wearing glasses so young.

I wonder how many times this knife sharpener demonstrator cut himself showing people how to use it.

They really do sell everything at the state fair even LIFE magazines from a longggg time ago. 

The Pan African Village

African crafts on sale at the Pan African Village.

A reggae band playing some nice reggae tunes that entice people to dance to.

The Fun and the People

Lover’s sweet talking by the sand sculpture commemorating the 2012 team USA Olympians at the Hall of Progress.

Posed for Facebook by the sand sculpture :).

Shake a tail feather!

The smile is on everyone’s face, including this cute grandpa who hauls people around.

I actually feel quite bad for the younger ones, it was so hot out there. They had to withstand the heat when I don’t even think they were aware of all the stuff that were going on around them.

A BMX show. I always admire these people, practicing so much to get where they are.

Getting ready for the Olympics in Rio 2016. 

The smaller ferris wheel at the fair with the angle that has been shot at million times :D. 

So, I have no idea they still have something like this at a carnival. I thought it only existed til the 60’s or something. Craziness.

They have some pretty cool rides going on at the fair.

The veil of military tags of different patterns.

The carnival at dusk.

By the time the evening fell, my back was aching so much and I still had not covered everything. Let’s see if I am able to make it back. I enjoyed taking these pictures and while editing them and working on this post, I feel like I relived that day again. Hope you enjoy the post 😀 Have a great week everyone.



New York State Fair:


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