An Evening in Cazenovia

On Sunday night I went out for a ride to a little town called Cazenovia, which is about 20 miles from Syracuse. I went there for the first time in May with my parents, American host parents, and Stephen to celebrate at one of the best restaurants I have ever been to in the area. I noticed it was a beautiful town but did not really have time to enjoy then. What could be a better idea than spending my pretty and cool late summer evening in this town.

I drove along Erie Boulevard (NYS 5) to merge with the NYS 92. I had always been a big city girl and loved the hustle-bustle of the cities but since I have been living in this part of the US, I have grown to appreciate the beauty and charm of quiet towns. Cazenovia is one of the towns that will be on the top of my retirement list if I ever get to retire here in America. You will see why:

The lake of Cazenovia is so pretty and peaceful. People come out to fish, boat, and kayak.

Cazenovia is located on New York Scenic Byway along the shore of Lake Cazenovia. According to the town’s website, the town was founded in 1793. It has many gorgeous homes and shops with a very cute downtown.

One of the beautiful homes on Albany Street, the town’s main street.

A walk from the public park onto Albany Street for about a few minutes led me to downtown Cazenovia.

Lavender Blue, one of the cute shops downtown.

Each shop has different architecture.

An old Chevy truck owned by Lincklaen House, a historic lodging and dining place in town.

Flowers at a church’s doorstep.

The sun set before I knew it. I slowly started walking back to the park where I parked my car. This is great, it’s time for silhouette photos, I love taking these recently.

The town at dusk.

Friendship lasts forever.

Byebye Cazenovia. I left the town with a smile. A perfect Sunday evening.




3 responses to “An Evening in Cazenovia

    • ไม่มีอะไรทำก็งี้ล่ะแก ฮ่าๆๆๆ คิดถึงแก อยากกลับบ้านละเนี่ย อุตส่าห์เข้ามาชื่นชมผลงาน ดีๆ มาเพิ่ม traffic ให้หน่อย ฮ่าๆ

  1. I really enjoy reading the story ,with photo make me feel like i walk through town with you ,the siloutte photo is definely a pro ,the first lake photo is so colorful,all photo are great and demonstrate the professional eyes through view finder ,thanks for sharing ,i feel full with these fabulous story and great photo as always.

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