[ UP NORTH ALONG ROUTE 3 ] – 3 TOWNS OF THE 1000 ISLANDS – PART 3: The Peaceful Cape Vincent

When There is a Start There is an Ending. When There is an Ending There is a Start

My little afternoon trip ended here at the peaceful town of Cape Vincent. From a lot of commotion at Alexandria Bay, a relaxed stroll in Clayton, it was great to wind down in this town. It is not very rich in history like Clayton but its beauty and closeness to the Thousand Islands make it a great town to stop by. According to Wikipedia, Cape Vincent has 726 residents as of 2010.

I drove along Route 3 (or 12E) from Clayton to Cape Vincent. The sun was getting a bit low, which made it a very pleasant drive. It was still a two-lane road with some small hills – very pretty, I highly recommend driving through this section of the road. 

Oh, also I am sorry about the bugs on the windshield – I just drove 100 miles on Interstate 😛 – Not that I am supposed to take a picture while driving…

When the road approached the village of Cape Vincent, you are next to Lake Ontario and can see many windmills at a near distant on the lake – what a magical sight. 

Out fishing, I guess he thought that he’d rather be hanging out with friends.

Line of sight.

The church on Broadway street. The leaves start to turn a little bit yellow, fall will be here soon.

Childhood memory, summer of 2012

The lonesome sailboat.

Marina in town.

Cute grocery store.

Tibbetts Point Lighthouse

I have always loved lighthouses but never really set out for a trip just to see them – always wanted too though. The last time I saw many lighthouses on the same trip is my Quebec roadtrip in 2006. Driving from Montreal to Forillon State Park and crossing over to Bonaventure island is something that I would love to do again.

Actually there are quite a few lighthouses on the Seaway trail. Due to time limitation, I am happy enough to see one of them on this trip. It also happened to be a very beautiful lighthouse right here in Cape Vincent. The road from town to the lighthouse is very scenic, it is a dead-end road with one side as the lake and the other as residential properties. Took about 10 minutes from town to the lighthouse.

The road that leads to and out of the lighthouse. Breathtaking view.

Tibbetts Point Lighthouse,  built in 1827 and rebuilt in 1854.

The lighthouse standing tall, helping  maritime navigation.

My bug enjoying the sight of Lake Ontario.

Somewhere in a town called Brownsville. Heading back to Syracuse. I KNOW I SHOULD NOT BE TAKING PICTURE HERE :D.

Let me end this post here with the picture of me at the Tibbetts Point lighthouse. You see, although most of the time I enjoy traveling solo, at times company is perfect so you actually have some of your pictures at the place as well 😀

Soooooo..this is the end of my Thousand Islands roadtrip. Thank you very much for sticking with me til the end. Let me know if you have questions or just would like to say hi. Have a great weekend everyone! Enjoy summer while you can.



Tibbetts Point Lighthouse

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A special thank you to Serendipity Fonts for the font I used in the picture labels: http://users.cwnet.com/shoshana/serendipity.html


One response to “[ UP NORTH ALONG ROUTE 3 ] – 3 TOWNS OF THE 1000 ISLANDS – PART 3: The Peaceful Cape Vincent

  1. I really like lighthouse it make me recall the ocean smell ,seagull and bright blue sky of summer ,photo are so awesome and self explanation in all surrounding atmosphere ,feel like I was there ,thanks for sharing .

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