[ UP NORTH ALONG ROUTE 3 ] – 3 TOWNS OF THE 1000 ISLANDS – PART 2: The Historical Clayton

Clayton, NY – A Small Town with A Big Character

Leaving the gorgeous Alexandria Bay behind, I drove along the scenic route 3 westward for about 15 miles before I arrived at Clayton. The drive was beautiful although the road was not really next to the river. There are some farmlands, many cottages, trailerparks and cute motels along the way. It was too bad that I missed many photographic opportunities because the road is a narrow two-way lane, I enjoyed myself a lot nevertheless. 

The parking is very convenient. There is a community lot available for towners and visitors provided free of charge by the town and it is very near the waterfront. 

The Historical Clayton

Clayton is much, much quieter than Alexandria Bay at the first look but its charm lured me in at the first moment I saw it. It is a small town with a lot of history, it was one of the major towns in the area with a lot of economic growth in terms of timber, mining, and shipbuilding. Although time has passed, I could still feel the nostalgia in the air. What Clayton had always had and still has is the beauty that constantly draws tourists from all over.

The wall mural reflected the prosperity of the shipyard business in Clayton.

The arrival of railroad brought about vacationers from all over, making the town of Clayton a famous tourist destination back in the late 1800s well into 1900s.

The Community

Everything pretty much happens on the main street at the waterfront. Just like any other cute small towns I saw, there are shops, cafes and some businesses on the main street.

Reinman’s Department Store – serving the town since 1946 and still going strong.

Inside of Reinman’s – in Thailand, we would say that this store sells everything from a mortar to a battleship. I love these mom and pop’s stores, a nice break from Target or Walmart 🙂

The wine tasting bar of Coyote Moon Vineyard.

Some seriously old barber tools on display at one of the waterfront barber shops – the barber inside also look as aged as his equipment right here. 

Bella’s, a cute cafe on the waterfront.

Public dock with shops along the dock.

Friendly conversation.

Rather rocky out here on the dock. The horizon is not straight here because I was swayed :D. This is a temporary area for people to park their boat, I would think some of them come here from other towns. This is so cool, boating out instead of taking the car. Toward the end of the dock there is a sign that reads “Please come again.”

View of Clayton Public Docking.

Friends on “Miss” Behave.

Day at the beach.

The old train station that was turned into a recreational area. 

1000 Islands Inn, looks so cute it made me wanna stay there. 🙂

Centennial Park during the last summer days. There are so many tiny parks on the main street alone, the towners are lucky.

Clayton is by far one of my most favorite small towns, hope you enjoy it as much as I did 🙂 Are you ready for my next stop, Cape Vincent? 🙂 (Update: Cape Vincent post is out: Click)



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2 responses to “[ UP NORTH ALONG ROUTE 3 ] – 3 TOWNS OF THE 1000 ISLANDS – PART 2: The Historical Clayton

  1. It is a great story ah ,i really enjoy reading and looking at photo ,wanna go visit ,it reveal to me that newyork offer not only times square it also great combination of small city and historical place all around,superb!

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