Going kayaking on Lake Oneida, Bridgeport NY

There is a first time to everything, including me going kayaking 🙂

A couple of weeks ago Stephen invited me out to go kayaking with him. I had never kayaked before so I was pretty psyched about the invitation. He looked up a place where we could rent a kayak with a creek nearby and found a tiny renting place in Bridgeport in the Lake Oneida area, which is not so far from Syracuse (about 20 minute drive or so).

We left Syracuse at around 11. It was a gorgeous day out with temperature in the low 80s. The kayak rental place is called Stone Marina’s Kayak Club. They rent out kayaks and also give kayaking lessons. Having prepped the night before I did not really feel like taking a lesson.

Stone Marina’s Kayak Club, Bridgeport, NY. They started operating around Memorial Day Weekend in 2011. It is a cozy little place with friendly staff. It made me miss working at the scuba diving center back in Bangkok.

Stephen brought his own kayak, which he got from his aunt – Not exactly a kayak that would be comfortable for a person who is almost 2-meter tall!

I wish I had pictures from the kayak trip. I was not really sure of my kayaking skills so did not wanna risk dropping the camera in the water. Sorry, no pictures on the water :(.


I rented out a cute little yellow kayak at $15 at a 4-hour period (at that point I was like, I would be dead by the second hour). It actually was not so bad. I actually enjoyed the trip. We took off from this little launching area. It took me a good 5-10 minutes to figure out what is going on with the kayak and to put what I was prepped for last night into practice. Ended up almost killing a turtle on a log 15 minutes in :D.

It took about 45 minutes to kayak through the creek before we arrived at the opening of the Oneida lake. It was quite scenic along the creek with tiny lake houses and docks. Once we arrived at the lake, we spent another good two hours kayaking and looking for a restaurant that would be a pick-up place. We actually missed the place, my arms were soooo tired. I really wanted to scream (but of course I was trying to keep my cool :P)


Finally we ended up at a pick up place after three hours of constant kayaking. This trip is classified as a type 1 and partially type 2 fun for me on a Stephen-scale. ( Stephen-scale: Type 1 Fun – have a great time while doing the activity, Type 2 Fun – the mental or the physical challenge of the activity produces the fun and would not mind doing it again afterwards, Type 3 Fun – painful and would not do the activity again). The Type 1 Fun was also largely attributed by Stephen falling out into the water by trying to mess around with my kayak :D.

Stephen packing up his boat ready to go home. Thank you for the fun day!


Stone Marina’s Kayak Club


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