My Kind of 4th of July

Happy Independence Day 2012 with ❤ 

Fourth of July is the day that the Americans celebrate the country’s Independence Day and it is probably the most important summer holiday. Out of the six times I have been in America, I got to celebrate my 4th for three times. The first is when I was visiting my host sister, Brook while she was in the army and stationed in Texas. My second time was last year in Chicago at the Navy Pier and this year I am fortunate enough to get to celebrate it again here in Syracuse.

When I think of the 4th celebration, I think of BBQ, friends and families, red-white-and-blue decoration, beach, picnic, baseball, and fireworks. Being alone did not really help lift up my holiday spirit, it actually made me a bit depressed that I had to celebrate by myself. But a girl’s got to do what she’s got to do right? I definitely did not let that stop me so I decided to have a spectacular day with lobster, a movie, a symphony and end the day with  fireworks 🙂 – My kind of 4th of July.

All of a sudden I crave for lobster brioche so I was looking for recipes online and went straight to the grocery store. People were out and about shopping for food for the picnic or BBQ so it was fun to see. I always love the hustle and bustle of holiday food shopping.

Lobster checked, rolls checked, celery checked, various herbs checked. For recipe, I will do a separate post. It’s my first time with this so…. hmmm… 🙂 (Updated: Click here for the recipe!)

Once food got into my stomach, I decided to kill some time before the symphony and fireworks by going to the movie. By the time I am done with the movie, it was almost 8 pm so I headed to the State fairground to see Syracuse Symphony Orchestra playing outdoor.

Syracuse Symphony Orchestra and a group of local choir. The conductor is actually a guest from Buffalo Symphony Orchestra. In the beginning they played a few of patriot pieces, old and new which were nice to hear. 

Many people showed up for the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra Mini-Concert. There were families, couples, friends. 

This couple was so cute. At one point into the concert, they started to get up and ballroom danced to the piece. They are in LOVE.

He saw me through his lens and I saw him through mine. I am a girl on TV and he is the boy on the blo(g)ck 🙂

The symphony was playing a medley of love songs toward the end. It was really fun. Also, to see the members playing in full swing and really working their hands was just plain awesome.

The mini concert lasts about 1 hour and 45 minutes with about 10 minutes intermission. The performance was awesome. The sound system really did not do them justice. Thank you Syracuse Symphony Orchestra for a great night.

Firework show started around 10. Having being told how to take firework photos, I still suck at it. I seriously need to buy a decent tripod to take good long shutter speed photos. Clearly I need a lot more practice. However, I would have to show some of the pictures of the fireworks otherwise this blog would not be complete.

Thank you so much for stopping by. For those in America, hope you had a great 4th of July!
Fon ❤


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    • I am trying, but it’s really difficult – will have to practice a lot. Thank you for stopping by mom! Sounds like you had a great 4th of July celebration too! 🙂

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