One (Short) Fine Day in Western New York

A Photo Tour at the Niagara Falls and Buffalo Botanical Garden 

This blog post is the second part to my short Western New York trip (To read the first part: Going Westward on the I-90: Adding Two More Towns to my New York Visited- List!) , I devoted my second day to visiting the Niagara Falls (the American side) and the Buffalo Botanical (Mainly to work my new lens). I actually have visited the Niagara Falls in 2010 in the early fall, it was so cold and gloomy that I think it would be great to go back there again the summer to see what it’s like.

To my surprise, there were not so many people at the falls, not many international tourists too. This is great because we could take time to walk around and really appreciate the place. This time, I also have Stephen, a Buffalo native taking me around so I saw something that I did not see the first time. I always wanted to see the fall on the Canadian side and thought that it would definitely be more spectacular on that side. He told me that he liked the American side more because you could feel the great power of the fall. Although I still have not seen it from Canada, I could see myself agreeing with him after this visit. I finally got to experience the fall in a different perspective. Thank you Stephen!

The amazing Niagara Falls.

People who were getting on and off the Maid of the Mist, a boat that takes you very close to the fall.

The actual fall is wayyyy more powerful than what you see in the picture. I feel so minuscule here. It also definitely makes me feel happy to be alive to appreciate this natural wonder.

Those who would like to get real close to the fall opted for going down to they called the Cave of the Winds. They can get a different view of the Lunar falls from down there.

This is me at the horseshoe falls. This photo was taken with Stephen’s fisheye lens *drooling* –  over the lens!

After visiting the falls, I drove 40 minutes south the Buffalo Botanical Garden. It is a cute little botanical garden when compared to the one in Chicago. However, three hours there were barely enough with all the gorgeous flowers. I think they did a very good job in organizing their greenhouses. There are about 13 houses displaying different types of plants and flowers. Here are some of the shots of things that I like from there 🙂

Beautiful glass dome at Buffalo Botanical Garden.

I love how purple and green go so well together, makes a really stunning picture. This flower is in fact extremely small, hail to the Macro lens inventor!

Macro photography is a lot harder than I thought. It is definitely nearly impossible without a good tripod.

Orchids are such exotic flowers, rare and very beautiful. No wonder it’s got its own cult of growers.

The work of nature.

Daydreaming at the Botanical Garden.

Tropical plant – looking hot and spicy like tropical girls 😛 (Some!)

H2O, source of life.

I am sure it is saying “look at me”.

I love these. Gorgeous. Too beautiful to be picked out. I wonder what kind of skills you need to successfully grow these.


The Girl at the English Garden.

Baby orchid waiting to grow up.

Simplicity in complexity.

Reaching out.

Vividly yours. 🙂

Alien orchids. Truly exotic.

Adore me.

Desert fire.

Dangerously beautiful.

Attention to Detail.

Semi tropical.


Buffalo Botanical Garden Green Houses.

I had a great day that day, took tons of beautiful pictures. I am very satisfied with my Tamron 60mm f2, although I did not really get to work with anything below f5.6.

New York is a great state. There are so many things to do especially in summer. I really wish I got out a lot more during my stay the past two years. Come see New York for yourself. There is so much more in New York State apart from New York City!

Thank you so much for stopping by. Would appreciate your feedback on the photos or just to say hi :). Have a great rest of the week!



Niagara Falls State Park – Free street parking, no admission fee unless you go for the Maid of the Mist and the Cave of the Winds 

Buffalo Botanical Garden – Free parking, $9 admission fee ($8 for students)


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