Going Westward on the I-90: Adding two More Towns to My New York Visited-List!

New York Town and Country: Williamsville and Lewiston, New York

Hello there! How have you been? It has been two weeks since my last post. I have been so busy with job searching, preparing for interviews and of course, watching UEFA Euro 2012 (Forza Azzuri!!). I had to break my own intention to at least write one entry a week. Finally I managed to free myself and ventured out into the wilderness! Well, not much of a wilderness as I got a good deal on a nice hotel in Lewiston, NY, which is just a bit north of Niagara Falls. So my plan was to revisit the falls and to go to a botanical garden to really work my Tamron 60 mm macro lens.

As part of the trip, Stephen asked me to visit him in his hometown – Williamsville. NY, which is on the way to the falls. I stopped by for a while before heading to the hotel in Lewiston. Williamsville is a cute suburban American town which is not too far from Buffalo. Not only it has one of the best pizzas I have ever had in my life (Pesci’s Pizza, Clarence – Thank you Stephen for introducing me to the place), it has a strip of cute shops and a gorgeous little park. By the time I was done visiting with him, I had about 1.5 hours left to spend before I needed to sit down somewhere to watch Italy vs. Germany ( I know, I am pretty hardcore). I took a small walk in the town’s park that we drove past earlier. The park is called Glen Park, it has a gorgeous pond and a small waterfall. I fell in love with the park’s cuteness. It is a place to relax and do whatever…Let’s take a little photo tour of the park 🙂

[ Families ] Kids are done with school so parents bring them to the park. There is also a resident family of ducks at the pond 🙂

[ Gem of the Town ] This is the centerpiece of Glen Park, the townspeople are lucky to have this!

[ A Day at Glen Park ] A boy let his thoughts wander off next to the waterfall. P.s, I managed to learn how to get the dreamy effect on the waterfall – I am happy!

[ So Summery ]  These are some of the flowers they grow in the park. Pretty well kept and maintained. 

[ A Little Sweetness ] Sometimes we are so absorbed by our busy life that we forget to appreciate nature’s beauty.

[ Gone with the Flow ] Everything has its time. Come today gone tomorrow.

[ Time to go Home ] This moment of mama duck and the duckling reminds me of how my mom always came out with a stick to come look for me whenever I was out playing too late.

I would love to spend more time in Williamsville had it not been for the Germany – Italy game. I literally spent 90 minutes at Frog Hair, one of the sports bar in town just to watch the game. Yay to me – Italians won with a 2 (Balotelli) -1 (Oezil) score. By the time I was done with the game, it was already almost 5 so I headed to Lewiston, which is about 30 miles away.

[ Barton Hill Hotel ] I got a deal to this cute hotel, Barton Hill Resort and Spa in a town called Lewiston.  This Portage Escarpment room was very spacious. Besides the nice looking queen bed, there is really nothing impressive about it as there was no fridge and no tub 😦 I definitely miss the tub at 4-Seasons NYC!

[ Garden of Peace ] Lewiston is a historical town and is the first town where European settlers settled in Western New York (around 1720). It is a charming little town with some cute shops and restaurants. In a little corner of the main street is what they called a  Garden of Peace featuring all sorts of scarves tied together to illustrate the concept of peace and unity.

[ Small Town Charm ] A cute cafe’ located on the main street of the town (Center Street)

[ American Charm ] Small shops downtown
 [ Out and About ] I recently read an article by CNNGo about the ranking of rudest countries for travelers and America comes in 7th rudest. I really do not think Americans are rude, especially those in small towns. Most I encountered are very sweet with tourists. People who vote Americans being rude should come out to see small-towners.
 [ The Niagara River ] The hotel is located at the end of the Center Street facing the Niagara River. The other side of the river is Canada 🙂
[ The Niagara River ] The water is quite clear although it’s got some sediment.
[ Home to the Boats ] I shall get a speed boat or a small yacht when I retire, better start saving now – at least 30 more years to go 😦
[ Waiting ] Not a bad evening on the river to do some fishing. It’s so peaceful out and maybe she will get some fish dinner tonight.
[ Dinner ] Well, I do not know how to fish so my dinner that night was prepared and created by Chef Christopher Aiello at the Chantry Restaurant at the hotel. This is Pan-Seared Salmon with corn, black bean, hashed potatoes and spinach glazed with orange soy syrup. I must say this is one of the best salmons I have ever had. The fish is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The sweetness of the glaze was a pleasant surprise. This certainly completed my day!
 Thanks for visiting, see you real soon on my next post for the visit to Niagara Falls and Buffalo Botanical Garden. I am excited already as there are many beautiful pictures I took 🙂 Stay tuned!
Barton Hill Hotel Resort and Spa, Lewiston, New York

3 responses to “Going Westward on the I-90: Adding two More Towns to My New York Visited-List!

    • Hey! Thanks so much for stopping by. I know..I miss you too! Hope the interview on Friday went well. Keep me posted of what is going on on that far side. Love your blog post about the lesbian and gay parade, SF is a place to be for that!

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