It’s Time for a Pick-your-own Strawberries!!!

Summer so Red and Sweet at Burrell’s Navarino Orchard

It has been a while since I last posted something that focuses solely on food as lately I have been writing a lot about summer festivals (Syracuse University’s Strawberry Festival 2012 and Jamesville Balloon Festival 2012). It is about time to write about food again 🙂

One of the popular summer activities for people in the Syracuse area pretty much all summer and fall months is to visit pick-your-own farms. There are many farms and orchards around here to choose from (For US residents and selected countries, visit for a list of pick-your-own farms near you). The fruits/ veggies available to pick are of course, governed by the season. According to a rough research I did online, most of the orchards/farms in the Syracuse area have the following:

Early June – Beginning July: Strawberries 
Late June – Late July: Berries 
July – Late July: Currants and lavender (Lavender festival in July, for sure there will be a blog post on this! :))
August: Sunflowers and some currants
September – Beginning of October: Fall berries, apples and pumpkins

I am a big fan of strawberries, I always eat mine with low fat whipped cream when I have a chance. (Not that I pretend to be healthy). I felt like taking a ride on a country side and to visit one of the pick-your-owns. I chose Burrell’s Navarino Orchard as it is not far from where I live – a mere 25 minute ride south of town. It was gorgeous out so I got on my beetle and off I went 🙂

The scenery along side the road (NY 20)

Burrell’s Navarino Orchard hosted my first pick-your-own strawberries

Strawberry field is at the back of the store-front. There were quite a few pickers out there today. I guess Sunday draws in a lot of young families. You can pick as many strawberries as you want at $1.50 per pound.

Navarino’s strawberry field is not very big, however, there is a part that visitors are not allowed to go in (I guess they still need to nurture the plants for visitors that come later in the season. The field is divided into rows with different strawberry varieties that vary in shape and size. The ground is covered with what looks like straws – I guess to protect the soil from the harsh sun.

These are strawberry flowers that belong to one of the varieties. 

Flowers from another variety. At this point, I guess you might be thinking “Show me pictures of strawberries already!” 🙂 So..there you go!:

BIG, RED, FRESH and JUICY Strawberry 🙂

Mom, dad and kids strawberries 

Ready to be picked!

The key to pick strawberries is to pick it at the stem, don’t grab the fruit because then you risk bruising it ( I am no expert though!) 

Dad and son enjoying strawberry picking

Apple trees waiting to be picked in the fall 

Raspberries are almost available to be picked too (this coming week) at $3.25 per pound

Some raspberries are in fact ready to be picked I think.

Bucket full of strawberries that will last me a week at least! I wish I could be more of a homemaker to make preserved strawberries 

A dog at the orchard, so cute! Makes me miss my dog at home badly.

I ended up going home with two trays of strawberries. YUM! They are really sweet 🙂

Strawberries anyone???

Before heading home, I stopped by at the shop. They sell many knick-knacks, some produce e.g. farm eggs, fresh veggies, pre-picked strawberries, homemade bakeries etc. 

I got myself half a loaf of their homemade strawberry bread. Never had strawberry bread before and of course there is a first time to everything.

Ready to go home 🙂

Driving home. What a gorgeous day out! Ok, I know I could be busted taking this shot!

And of course…my snack for the afternoon. The strawberry bread is HEAVENLY! It tastes kind of like a mix of zucchini bread and banana bread. So good with the freshly picked strawberries and my cold low fat whipped cream…YUM! 

Summer is such a beautiful season. Go explore your neighborhood or go pick some strawberries! Thank you for stopping by 🙂 Hope you had a great weekend like I did! Stay tune for more fun stuff.


Burrell’s Navarino Orchard
3655 Route 20
Syracuse 13215 NY 


2 responses to “It’s Time for a Pick-your-own Strawberries!!!

  1. This Is such a cute post. I used to go strawberry picking when i was a child; never realized it had been such a while since i last went. gorgeous pictures as always, i enjoyed reading!

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