Summer so Hot and so Fly at Jamesville’s 33rd Annual Balloon Festival

Soaking the Summer Sun…Bright and Airy  

This week I would like to bring you along to continue my summer fun at one of the hottest, yet coolest summer festivals around town, the Jamesville’s 33rd Annual Balloon Festival 2012 at Jamesville Park Beach in Jamesville, New York. As you can see, I have been writing a lot on different places and festivals. It is just because I have been enjoying photography a lot and there is so much going on in Syracuse in the summer that I would like to share with you.

I have recently read a color and contrast chapter in one of the photography books I borrowed. One of the projects in there that I am interested in is to find a place where there is a lot of colors and contrasts and take pictures of different color combinations to see the relationship between each color and to see what makes a good combination for an image. To find those elements, I could not think of anything that is more fun that the Balloon Festival 🙂 When I got there, however, I ended up forgetting the assignment and let my instinct control the shutter.

It took about 20 minutes drive to get to the festival. I chose to go on a Sunday out of the whole weekend because of the poor weather on Saturday. I got there at around 2.30 pm to find out that the balloons would not be launched until 6 pm. So I was just wandering around to check out the fairground and shops and to observe people in general.

Living Loud: Getting Ready for the Concert from Local Artists

Family Day: Jamesville Beach, a Local Weekend Getaway Place

Come Fly with Me: Let’s fly – let’s fly Away

Play or Not

Mommy’s Forced Fun. Seems like the mom enjoyed the ride more than the boy

Up in the Air: Not many people going on the ride at this time in the hot sun

Investment: “How much do I have to make?”

Hero for Everyone: We all seek at least a little bit of Bruce Wayne one way or another

Sweet Summer: Fairground vendors go pastel. Summer has finally come! 🙂

In the Shade: The little girl riding stylishly

After walking around for a while, I noticed an activity on the balloon ground. They put two balloons up for tethered rides ($10 each for like 3 minute ride)

Running the Show: A friendly staff from one of the balloon companies

Balloon Ground: Pretty impressive when I first saw it. It is my first time seeing the balloons!

Technicolor Love: Different colored fabrics are stitched together to form a balloon – beautifully layered

Balloons – Man’s Marvelous Invention

Funny Balloon: There are many balloons displaying at the event, this is the one that takes a different shape

Dying Down: After putting it up for a while to show, the team took the balloon down to prepare the ground for the  launch of the evening. Funny how the face of the ballroom does not look as happy anymore

Finally, the highlight for the event arrived. By 5.20 pm, all the balloonists drove out onto the lawn to set up their balloons. It was really awesome to see the operation up close and personal!

Getting Ready: So the balloon got taken out and laid on the ground

Toward the Showdown: Every balloonist is occupied to make the launch at 6 pm.

Ready, Set: The team holds up the skirt of the balloon preparing to let the air in

Working with a Smile: Each balloonist seems to be very passionate about what they do. It really makes me wonder what got them into this hobby

Letting the Air in: A high powere fan is used to blow the air into the balloon to make it big

Equipment: This is the fuel/burner system that acts like an engine for the balloon. Propane is used as fuel

Fire Up!: The team gets the hot air generated by propane into the balloon to lift her up

Coming Up!: Notice how the hot air inside tries to lift up the balloon

And Up!

She’s Up!: And definitely need to hold her down

Ready to Go

There She Goes

Into the Sky

To Follow

Ready to Launch

Fourth of July: Love the color of the fourth of July 🙂

Up and Away!

Over the Leaves


Taking in the Sun: I especially like this one because of the pastel colors


Summer Evening

Happy Memory: A great summer day for everyone that needs to be captured

The View: Say bye bye to the Jamesville Balloon Festival 2012 with a view

I had a great time shooting these pictures on Sunday. It was also a fun experience seeing balloons for the first time. Thank you for stopping by! 🙂 I will make sure to cover more of my summer through the lens and onto the screen! Feel free to leave any comments, share your summer stories or to give feedback on my work

Have a GREAT summer!


Equipment: Nikon D5100 with 18-105 mm lens


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