When the Orange goes Strawberry

Enjoying Another Fun Summer Activity in Syracuse

As promised in my last post: A Helicopter Ride, Here we Come. Woot Woot! to bring you more posts about my fun summer in Syracuse, I heard from a friend whom I met in NYC yesterday  that there would be a Strawberry festival here in Syracuse. It is a good opportunity to test out my new Tamron 60 mm f2.0 lens that I just received a week ago so  I did not hesitate to go and spend my afternoon eating, checking out the scene, and of course, taking some pictures so that you guys could share in some of the fun 🙂

The Syracuse Annual Strawberry Festival is hosted by Syracuse University College, the Department of Recreation Services and the Department of Athletics. The event took place for only about three hours, which were enough for people to come out enjoy the food, the game, the music, and the sun.  Local vendors were invited to the event to showcase and sell their products like plants and produce. In the beginning I expected to see a lot of strawberries but no…barely any strawberries in fact!

Now, enjoy the photo tour!

Local Vendors Showcasing their Products like Jewelry, Handmade Crafts, Local Produce etc.

Magnets showing School Spirit, Go Orange!

Organic Herbs in Bunches go on Sale, Some are not so Fresh I see

Buying Fresh Local Produces

June is the Starting Month for Strawberries in the North. Big, Red, and Juicy! YUMMM! I love summer!

Everybody Loves Otto, For those who don’t know, Otto is our School Mascot in a Form of Orange

Nothing is Better than the New York Maple Syrup. Pancake, French Toast, Anyone?

Maple Lollipops *Drooling* Seriously, I just love all things fattening!

Some of the Summer Flowery Plants that were on Sale. Do not ask me what each of them is. One is daisy and one is peony maybe?????? 

They also sold different kinds of Cactus

Those are some artsy pieces of clothing right there

Some Indian-inspired Jewelries , oh and don’t mind them misspelling Bangles!

Ok, let’s see, what’s for lunch? I read before going that if the weather were nice, there would be a grilling station. It was gorgeous out so the station was there 😀

Nothing really interesting so these were not really make my mouth water so I was ready to move on to the sweeter side of the afternoon.

Courtesy of Syracuse University – Free Bakery Samples!!! 

Dream Bar!!! Yes, they literally called this Dream Bar. It was sooooo sweet though. It was pretty much a brownie topped with bits of semi-hard chocolate.  I think the whole thing tasted like a cup of sugar. It made me regret having the whole piece as I could not taste any other samples afterwards 😦

Look at how beautiful these brownies are. Am I in sweets heaven or what? 

Some Sort of Lemon Cake. Looks rather citrusy.

The Queen of All Cakes, the Red Velvet with Cream Cheese on Top!

The Bakery Making Team. Good Job Ladies!

It was my lucky day, the generous SU also gave this $4 worth of either a Strawberry Sundae or a shortcake to students and faculty members! Yay! Thank you SU!

Oh Yeah! My Shortcake/Sundae with that Mass of Whip Cream!

So I ended up having Strawberry Sundae/Shortcake for Breakfast and Lunch. YUMMMMMM…

As if all the desserts are not sweet enough! 🙂

Everyone Enjoyed their Day on the Quad

People Started Leaving toward the End of the Event after Enjoying an Afternoon on the Quad

Thank you Syracuse University for organizing a great event. It was a great 3 hours (2 for me)! I am definitely looking forward to more awesome summer activities. Be sure to tune in!

All photos are copyrighted.


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