A Helicopter Ride – Here we come! Woot Woot!

Going Sky High on a Robinson R66,  a Morning of Fun and Excitement

June 1st  was my camera-go-to man’s birthday so I decided to get something fun for him as he has been such a good companion. I came across a good deal on this helicopter ride in the area and I thought this would be a fun gift for a photographer like him. It is also my lucky day that he tagged me along. Stephen was actually pretty excited about it that he bought a lens just for this purpose.

The appointment was at 11 am but because the weather was not so favorable we then were asked to wait for a while. We  were joined by a dad and a son who also received a helicopter ride as a gift for his upcoming 13th birthday. We waited for 45 minutes but the weather was not getting better but at least the rain slowed down a bit by the time we took off.

The pilot took us out of the building to where this GORGEOUS Robinson R66 was. She is such a beauty! Before getting on it, the pilot gave us a quick explanation of the background of the lady and how she flies. The pilot has actually flown a helicopter from New York to California, about 20 hour flight time – craziness! That would probably be my trip of a lifetime. I probably should add it to my bucket list 🙂

The Sleek Robinson R66

Stephen examining the interior of the R66

The Dashboard of the R66

Stephen and I  with the headphones on to block out the noise, pretty AWESOMEEEE 🙂 This picture was taken with an  iPhone.

The moment that the helicopter took off, it was pretty sweet. The pilot then ascended vertically and moved the helicopter sideway which was A LOT of FUN 🙂 The plan is to go from the airport, to the mall, the zoo, pass downtown onto Syracuse University and go back to the airport. We also cut across to see Stephen’s house and actually saw my car parked in front of his house, which was neat 😀

I was so prepared to take lots of pictures but unfortunately I was seated in the middle so there was no room for me to maneuver the camera without having things blocking the scene but Stephen has some really really amazing shots. He made me jealous of him having the 70-300mm 😦

The Church on West Genessee Street with a View

Downtown Syracuse with Syracuse University on the Background 

Upstate University with Whitman School of Management (Where I studied for two years) and Sheraton Syracuse University in the back

The Quad of Syracuse University

A Grand View of the University Dome from the Top 🙂 

Summer is so green in Syracuse.

Onondaga Lake 

Stephen definitely had fun with his camera, took almost 200 pictures (?) within 20 minutes! and all awesome stuff.

A part of town we saw along the way.

Downtown Syracuse, we were heading back to the airport. The 20 minute went by soooo fast.

The Happy Stephen. We both enjoyed so much.

R66 Control Panel 

The experience is definitely once in a lifetime thing. I wish I had a couple of thousand dollars to spend just to fly from Syracuse to New York City there and back. It has been a great summer in Syracuse and I intend to keep it this way! Stay tuned for more fun stuff! 🙂

Raven Helicopter


2 responses to “A Helicopter Ride – Here we come! Woot Woot!

  1. Thank you Sanou! Also, thank you for lending the camera, Stephen got a lot of awesome shots with it. I will drop it off for you tomorrow 🙂

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