Getting Away on a Memorial Day Weekend at Green Lakes State Park, NY

A Lazy Saturday Afternoon at a Local State Park, a Tiny Piece of Heaven of Upstate New York

It is unbelievable how much I never really knew what the area around Syracuse has to offer prior to this summer. This past Saturday, a friend of mine, who is a local from the area of Dewitt-Fayetteville, NY asked if I would like to join her and her sister at a local state park. It is the first time I learn about Green Lakes State Park.

What surprises me is how close the park is from my house in downtown Syracuse. The 2o minute drive brought me  a scenic little piece of heaven, quite a transition from a dull concrete place.

Slow Commotion: People relaxing here and there

There are mainly two lakes in the state park, one of which is swimmable, while the other one is not clean enough. To get into the picnic and beach area, each car has to pay 8 dollars which will entitle a parking time from dawn to dusk and free use to the ground facility. Other than that, you can rent a row boat too.


Welcome the Sun: There is a trail that takes you around the lake and there are many scenic spots that you can stop along the way. I find it quite serene.


Peeking Through: Curious bird wondering what I am doing.


Towards the Lake: Friends and family are out soaking in the sun and dip themselves in the gorgeous lake, which is still pretty cold.

Quiet Corner:  Everybody needs some quiet time, even the loudest person on the planet


Wide Open- Yet, Hugged by Nature: Notice how green/blue the water is. There is a reason why it is called Green Lakes


The Beauty of Imperfection: Life goes on no matter how broken it is


Stealing the Scene: Wild flowers along side the lake


A Romantic Pursuit: Time seems to stop with the significant someone on Green Lakes


Gone Fishin’:  Many people come here to fish. I did not ask though what kind of fish they get here. Thank you this family also for letting me taking a picture of their little American Bulldog 🙂


Young and Free:  There is something for everyone here, be it for friends, family or couple. It is a real good day on the Lake


 The Princess of the Sand Castle: I remember growing up having a dream of living in a sand castle that is built pellets by pellets

Living Bright and Bold:  Enjoy every bit of your life, live boldly and colorfully 

From Father to Son:  “Father be good to your son(daughter), son(daughter) will live like you do. Boys (Girls) become a lover, who turns into father (mother). So mother be good to your son (daughter) too.” – Adapted from “Daughter” by John Mayer

Happy Summer and enjoy life. If you ever swing by Upstate New York, don’t forget to make a stop at Green Lakes State Park, a tiny piece of heaven!

For my previous photologues on other places, please visit my Place page. Thank you!

Green Lakes State Park
7900 Green Lakes Road, Fayetteville, NY 13066


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