Cooking Thai Green Curry at Home Made Easy, and Good too!

How to Make Thai Green Curry like a Thai – as Easy as 1-2-3

I actually made this dish a few weeks back but just have not had time to post the recipe/pictures on the blog. I had had a crave for home-cooked curry for quite a while and I happened to run into some rare ingredients at a local Asian supermarket so it was perfect. I made this curry enough for 3 people for 2 meals. That’s how bad I am with proportion. 

I am never satisfied with the green curry I get at local Thai restaurants even though I told them to make it just the way Thai people would. None of the restaurants here came close to what my mom made at home. One thing I don’ t like about the curry they make here is the fact that they  put carrot and snow peas in it. This whole thing, for me, is just wrong. The curry at the restaurant is also pricey and it is cooked to match Americans’ palate. So here is the way I make mine:

Thai Green Curry (Gang-Kiew-Waan) 

Ingredients for 3-4 

1.5 lbs of chicken thigns or breasts (I prefer thigns because of its aste and softness)
1 18 Oz. can of coconut milk
7-8 counts of Thai eggplants  (Pick hard ones with stem firmly attached to the fruit)
3-4 Tbsp of  Thai green curry paste (Available in Asian grocery store) I used the brand called Mae Ploy
5-6 Sprigs of fresh Thai basil
3 Tbsp of granulated sugar
1.5 cups of water

Jasmine rice to be served with curry

Step 1:
Cut chicken into 1-inch pieces, un-stem Thai eggplants and cut them into wedges, I normally do mine into 4 wedges

Step 2:
Put green curry paste in the pot on medium heat

Step 3:
Mix in coconut milk, mix well.

Step 4:
 Wait until the mixture becomes bubbly with heat then put in chicken. At this point, the mixture will smell gooddddddd.

Step 5:
Wait until the chicken is semi-cooked. then put in water, fish sauce, sugar, and eggplants. Turn the heat to low.

Step 6:
Keep the curry on low heat until the eggplants are soft. Put in Thai basil leaves (taken out off the sprigs). Turn off the heat, serve the curry with Jasmine rice. YUMM! 


So..what do you think? :)

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