Seeking Food Nirvana: A Date with Mindy

Chicago Food Nirvana l Little Gem of Chi-Town  

I was wandering around the Bucktown area one day this summer and came across this restaurant ‘Mindy’s Hot Chocolate’ late in the evening. It is boasted to be one of the best dessert bar in Chicago so I gave it a try. I was not disappointed, the food and the service was marvelous. It was about 6 pm when I entered the restaurant, most of the tables were already occupied and I noticed that most of the people there are either couples or groups of friends. The restaurant looks much cooler on the inside than on the outside….Not too shabby at all.

There was not much on the menu as I recalled for both appetizer,main, and   dessert. Price of most of the appetizers start from around $7 and mains are from about $13 to $30. As a poor MBA student, I opted for a $8 carrot and vegetable soup and a $13 tuna melt. This I consider a nice splurge! Oh…how I miss working!

The waiter that waited on me was great, very friendly, informal and yet very professional. He totally met my expectation from this kind of restaurant. There were enough people to go around. One thing I feel a bit off is the tightness of seatings, I felt rather uncomfortable hearing conversations of others who were only inches away…

I was not too impressed with the soup as it was rather tasteless to my buds but the ingredient was very fresh.  I was completely blown away by the tuna melt (Pictured on the left). It was actually featured on Fodor’s Chicago   2011 guide for this restaurant. The bread was fresh, the cheese melted to the right degree that really complemented the capered tuna salad. Two thumbs up! 

The salad vinaigrette was nice, I am a huge fan of arugula and I like what they did even though it was just a normal salad. It cleansed really well the taste of the tuna in my mouth.

The highlight did not end there. Mindy’s Hot Chocolate is in fact famous for chocolate and desserts, assuggested by the name. The dessert names on menu are all unique and totally require interpretationto the chef’s creation. I don’t remember the name of the dessert I ordered but it turned out to be a To-Die-For…although NOT YET a dessert nirvana for me.

True that it’s not the best dessert I have in my life but it was really good…especially the sauce..yum yum.the decoration was great and I have to admit I got a little excited when the waiter brought it over.

It is so much fun. I would say it is a 3.75 out of a 5 for me.

Overall: A great experience, nice atmosphere, good service and nice food. I was more taken by the tuna melt than the dessert. It is no doubt a good place to spend Saturday evening before a good foreign movie at home. 

Mindy’s Hot Chocolate: Getting there: Chicago L: Blue Line – Get off at Damen and from there just about 5 mins walk on North Damen Avenue


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